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Ep9 – ADHD – Skills for Life, Not Just School: Featuring Elisha Bauss

Episode Highlights What does ADHD really mean for our students and how can we help kids help themselves for life, not just school?  In my conversation with Elisha, there were so many great takeaways for working with kids with ADHD and

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Ep8 – ADHD – Fighting Information & Task Overload

Episode Highlights There are scientific reasons why we have difficulties staying focused and getting stuff done. In this episode, I’ll be sharing a story of writing birthday cards for my staff and making connections to how many of our kids

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Ep7 – Subbing for Concurrent Teaching

Episode Highlights This episode reflects on my experience subbing for a teacher during concurrent learning. It opened my eyes to the challenges teachers face every day and how we need to continue to walk others’ paths to learn more from

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Ep5 – Panicked or Prepared – Rethinking Fear

Episode Highlights Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about before stressful moments occur in your life? Join me as I discuss panic vs preparation and how that affects our own well-being.  Topics Include:  Dealing with ‘scare’ situations

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