Testing Motivational Videos

Why stress about testing if you are prepared and know you will do really well? At Ashland, we change the game by changing the mindset about how we go about preparing for state testing at the end of the year. We celebrate, motivate, and attack testing to show off what our kids know and the skills they have. Our students go into the tests with a feeling of strength and conviction on how they will do. Especially when we live in an era of accountability and standardized testing that is mandatory, why not embrace it and maximize student potential instead of complaining that the system is what it is. The tests don’t matter. What matters is how our kids feel after they take the tests. Are they going to celebrate when they pass or be upset if they fail? That’s on us as educators. Here’s one way we help our kids chase 100% pass rates so every child feels that success. 

We do this by creating videos of adventures where Mr. Jacks and the Falcon learn from our team on how to do their best. We also do this by creating music videos with our own lyrics and singing. Enjoy!

Here is a playlist of lip sync staff videos for testing and for holidays:

Here is a playlist of 3 Seasons of our Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Adventures Series to help with testing tips for student below. We even have our own YouTube Channel for Mr. Jacks & the Falcon!