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Engage Your Community with Staff Introduction Videos

Maya Angelou stated, “People forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people never forget how you made them feel.” Remember this great advice when introducing yourself on your websites and class pages. If pictures are worth

See Students as Solutions Instead of Problems

Every child has gifts and values. Some of those gifts take longer to figure out than others. Great teachers make enormous efforts to connect with every child and look at them as a whole child with relative strengths and weaknesses,

Ideas for Classroom Sensory Kits

I posted an graphic of quiet breathing strategies that you can use in the classroom and in the post I mentioned that we are adding calming corner kits in every room. Well, that came back to me with a million

9 Breathing Breaks Strategies – Graphic Takeaway

Here is a graphic I made with nine strategies that you can use with your students today. Make sure to model, be serious about it, teach, and practice these strategies if you want them to be effective. The more you

Behavior Tip: 6 Breathing Strategies to Relax Students

Students are stressed. Teachers are stressed. And it’s understandable and should be expected. If you do this job right, it takes a lot out of you and drains you emotionally and physically. There is so much that we cannot control

Behavior Tip: Sensory Toys & Tools

Many of our students have sensory issues and we need to provide them with extra tools to address these needs throughout the day. This post and video helps explain some of the ‘why’ behind these toys and a reflection in

People crave authenticity, and you can't be real if you aren't yourself.

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