We can and will grow students and ourselves forward, no matter what we are dealing with, if we get back to doing what’s right and doing it the right way! 

First we need to rethink our own practices and what we know to be ‘true’ in our educational environment. It’s ok to think and act different than the crowd if that’s what’s best for our kids! Let’s work together to find whatever next step is needed so that every child in our school can be successful! 

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My new book, Discipline Win: Strategies to Improve Behavior, Increase Ownership, and Give Every Student a Chance is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now!

I wrote Discipline Win as a way to provide more insight and answers for educators like me that have struggled with really difficult student behaviors. It’s grounded in both research and years of practical experience. It includes motivational stories and practical tools. Our kids need our help and that means to revisit our discipline practices, work to keep kids in school, and focus on growing positive relationships with every single one of them. 

Join the discipline revolution and learn more about how you can be both more effective and happier as you improve behaviors, both your own and your students.

My speaking capitalizes on my working knowledge of what works in schools combining it with research on best practices. Working with school districts and state organizations, I have delivered an engaging mix of practical advice with the inspiration to go do great work now for kids! Learn more about various speaking topics, but definitely reach out to me to collaborate and see how I can help your team either in person or online. 

Podcasting is another way I enjoy sharing ideas and reflections. These often are more in-depth conversations or insights into difficult situations that we all can use to apply in our own lives. Both podcasts can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

I think it’s important to share what you believe and what interests you. Lessons we learn along the way can be relevant to others as well. My blog posts vary in style and content. Some posts accompany my podcast as a follow-up. I have over 100 posts published so I hope you can find something that connects to your personal development journey!

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For keynotes and other speaking inquiries, contact Andy via email at andy@andyjacks.com

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