Discipline Win Podcast

Discipline Win is a podcast on discipline to help improve ourselves and better support others. School discipline needs to be inclusive, relationships-focused, and strategic if we want students to be invested in their own progress and make real improvements. Share this journey of discovery as Andy breaks down best practices in school discipline, inclusive practices, learning, and leading! 

Myth vs Reality Podcast

Join award-winning school principals Hamish Brewer and Andy Jacks in this educational podcast. They are breaking down hot topics and current issues in education and deciding what is myth vs what is reality in schools today. Each 20 minute episode consists of four-4 minute segments to discuss various timely educational topics and then two-1 minute segments for fun quick hits at the end. Tweet at Hamish @brewerhm or Andy @_andyjacks to suggest discussion topics. 


“Setting Students Up for Success”

Interview with Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools

* Capitalizing on feedback from stakeholders
* Adjusting planning by learning what’s happening now
* Staying true to who you are as a person and school
* Not disciplining kids for things they can’t control

“The Green Light” 

Interview with Jeff Prickett and Adam DeWitt, The Principal Leadership Lab Podcast

* Empower people to take risks using trust and relationships
* Changing schools because of the interests of staff and parents
* Aligning your budget to your school core beliefs
* Defining ourselves by how we teach all of our kids

“How to Help a Student that is Always in the Principal’s Office” 

Interview with Vicki Davis, 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

* Reflections on own experiences
* Understanding the need for nonnegotiables
* Finding new solutions other than exclusionary discipline

“Educators are Put on this Planet to Save Lives” 

Interview with John, The Character Strong Podcast

* Understanding key decision points
* Principals as change agents
* The need for being connected as a leader


For keynotes and other speaking inquiries, contact Andy via email at andy@andyjacks.com

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