Hey there, it’s fantastic to connect with you! I wear many hats – a proud father, educator, school leader, speaker, and author, but above all, I’m a passionate advocate for all kids. Currently, I’m the principal of The Nokesville School, a K-8 gem nestled about 40 miles outside of the bustling city of Washington, DC, in Northern Virginia.

My journey in education has been nothing short of amazing. For 12 incredible years, I led Ashland Elementary School, where we witnessed an awe-inspiring cultural and academic transformation that sent student achievement skyrocketing. Our efforts garnered statewide recognition as one of the top-performing schools. We pioneered innovative student-led programs, like students refurbishing and donating computers, a Hollywood-level newsroom, and an augmented reality art gallery. The recognition for our work poured in, from VDOE Excellence & Distinguished Achievement Awards to the VDOE Distinguished Purple Star School Award, and even a visit from the United States Secretary of Education! I was humbled to be honored with the VAESP Professional Development Award, School Bell Award, Virginia Principal of the Year Award, and the NAESP Nationally Distinguished Principal Award.

My journey also led me to unique leadership opportunities in advocating for education. I participated in congressional panels on educational reform and served on task forces for one of the largest school divisions in the country, including the PWCS Safe Schools Advisory Council. In 2019, I was thrilled to help create and shape the NAESP Center for Innovative Leadership, and in 2020, I became the first Senior Fellow for the National Association of Elementary Schools Centers for Advancing Leadership. As a Senior Fellow, I’m dedicated to connecting, educating, and inspiring school leaders nationwide. It’s an honor to serve as a Board Member for the Autism Society of Northern Virginia, leading sensory-friendly events, fundraising for support programs, and advocating for changes in state laws to support those affected by Autism and other disabilities.

My own educational journey comprises a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development from Grove City College, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision from George Mason University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech.

Writing is a true passion of mine, and I love sharing my thoughts on education and leadership. In 2021, I authored “Discipline Win: Strategies to Improve Behavior, Increase Ownership, and Give Every Student a Chance.” You can also find my perspectives in various published articles and blog posts.

Thanks for joining me on this exciting educational adventure! Let’s keep inspiring and making a difference for our kids together.

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