Dr. Andy Jacks is an elementary school principal, national speaker, and NAESP Senior Fellow. Andy and his team have led a transformation at Ashland Elementary to improve culture, student performance, and school discipline. They have sky-rocketed student achievement becoming one of the top-performers in the state all while implementing innovative student-led programs. Andy and Ashland Elementary have received recognition including the VAESP School Bell Award, VAESP Virginia Principal of the Year Award, NAESP Nationally Distinguished Principal Award, VDOE Excellence & Distinguished Achievement Awards, VDOE Distinguished Purple Star School Award, and a visit from the U.S. Secretary of Education. Look for Andy’s book coming out soon with Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. on school discipline and inclusive practices. Andy lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderful wife and three amazing kids. Connect with Andy on Twitter and Instagram @_AndyJacks.

For speaking inquiries, connect with Andy via email at andy@andyjacks.co or use the contact form.