Enthusiastic. Inspiring. Relevant. Engaging.

Those are the comments I often hear from participants after my speaking. My work includes authentic stories, research-based strategies, humor, and actionable takeaways that participants can use right away. 

I’m able to focus on helpful ideas in real time since I’m in the the job every day as a school principal. I love helping others be their best and grow forward together. 

Contact me via email at andy@andyjacks.com to work together and schedule keynotes, workshops, breakouts, consulting, podcasts, and/or written articles. 

Current Keynote & Workshop Topics

Play to Win!

Schools can win or lose depending on our level of engagement and our understanding of the “game” of education. The clock is ticking so we need to make every minute count and use the best plays we have to reach every child. It’s essential to provide an inclusive culture, work for long-term goals, and continually rethink our current individual and team practices if we want to have a real chance at victory. Maximize your time and impact through feelings, fidelity, and follow through. Embrace your inner passion and find ways to make your classroom and school special. Play to win, each child, each day! 

Discipline Win

School discipline can bring out emotional and rash responses in both staff and families, so schools must be very prepared for predictable behaviors and then strategic in their responses to keep everyone focused and working together. Before we start pushing more programs and prizes, let’s proactively teach social skills and self-regulation. Incorporate ways to regularly check your students and yourselves. Create accountability systems to ensure that relationships are developed with every child, every day. Find something special in every student so they know that you want them and value them in your school. 

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Let's work together to help our schools be the best they can be!


For keynotes and other speaking inquiries, contact Andy via email at andy@andyjacks.com

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