I am obsessed with best practices in education and leadership. I love helping others prioritize and rethink their goals to improve student performance and help their students love coming to school. Contact me if you would like any help in these areas for keynotes, breakout sessions, or workshops. Connect with me using my contact form or using my email at andy@andyjacks.co.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

DISCIPLINE AS A STRATEGY FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT – If we really want to change the lives of our students and improve their behaviors, we must first address the things we can control. It’s a lot of hard work, but there basic fundamental characteristics that successful schools and classrooms have to reach even the most challenging students. 

ARE YOU INNOVATIVE? INSIDE SECRETS TO EFFECTIVE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP – There are very specific reasons why some leaders more than others are able to successfully improve schools and motivate staff to achieve at the highest levels. Tackling your priorities and challenges as a unified team is essential. Innovation is about transforming change into progress. 

HIGH-YIELD STRATEGIES FOR 100% ENGAGEMENT – Students and staff need to be active and enthusiastic participants in the learning process. This means that we must create experiences in both staff meetings and in classrooms focused on motivation, engagement, and empowerment to ensure  active participation. 

Keynotes and breakout sessions will challenge participants to rethink current instructional practices, school systems, and how they connect to staff and students. Participants will be actively engaged and be provided opportunities to reflect and discuss. The speaker will be dynamic in his approach and share insight into decisions and specific strategies that have made his school and leadership highly successful with the goal that participants learn and are inspired to improve their own practices. Details of any speaking or workshops included in this agreement can be further explained in detail as requested by the client.

Dr. Jacks constantly focuses on keeping informed of current trends and practices in the field of education and disseminates his knowledge via his extensive social media network to his fellow principals. He is direct and articulate, showing an innate tact that allows him to present in a charming, conversational, and engaging manner. With his extensive knowledge of the K-12 principal role, his deep roots in the application of instruction, and his extensive network of contacts, he is an excellent choice as a speaker and presenter.
State Association Director
Dr. Jacks’ message, insight, and energy motivated and inspired our audience members. He was professional, relatable, and engaging; and shared practical and innovative ideas that school leaders and educators can implement in their own classrooms and schools.
Elementary School Principal
Thanks for being so passionate and letting me tear up with you!
Dr. Jacks delivered a powerful speech that explored the true meaning behind leadership and “leadertunity”. He had the audience captivated by his entertaining and comedic yet real and relatable approach to the ins and outs of being a leader, and left both high school students and staff inspired and empowered with a good grip on the potentials of their leadership journey.
High School Student