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My work includes authentic stories, research-based strategies, humor, and actionable takeaways that participants can use right away. 

I’m able to focus on helpful ideas in real time since I’m in the the job every day as a school leader. I love helping others be their best and growing forward together. 

Contact me via email at andy@andyjacks.com to work together and schedule keynotes, workshops, breakouts, consulting, podcasts, and/or written articles. 

Keynote, Workshop, and Breakout Sessions

Play to Win!

Schools can win or lose depending on our level of engagement and our understanding of the “game” of education. Learn how self-efficacy and agency in students and staff lead to individual and collective excellence. Rethink how we respond to situations, use proactive strategies, increase interdependence, and embrace what makes our students and schools special. The clock is ticking so we need to make every minute count and use the best plays we have to reach every child!

Discipline for Improvement

Student discipline is one of the most important areas for improvement and yet one that many educators feel least equipped to handle effectively. This session uses research on best practices and discussion on actual disciplinary scenarios. Implement practical and proactive strategies to teach social skills, grow empathy, and build a community of students that fights for each other, not with each other. Maximize your interventions through feelings, fidelity, and follow-through. Understand your students’ needs and help them lead own their own self-development journey!

High-Yield Engagement Strategies

Students and staff must be active participants in the learning process. This means we must create experiences to motivate others to be engaged and structures that empower every member to participate equally, interdependently, and with accountability. This session includes participants actually doing the strategies and reflecting on how they could use them in staff meetings and classroom lessons. When we have fun, we learn better together!

"Boom" Shared Presentation

Join in on a new and unique way to create a shared and engaging presentation through a “Boom” session. This includes selecting a handful of teachers or leaders to share best practices that are working in their classrooms and schools right now. After each mini-presentation, the crowd yells, “Boom!” as they celebrate the new learning and takeaway. Andy will explain, organize, and lead the session, bringing energy and a fast-paced presentation. The best part about this is how it highlights the answers and amazing staff already in the room! 

Speaking Reviews

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Let's work together so all schools and all students can maximize their potential!


For keynotes and other speaking inquiries, contact Andy via email at andy@andyjacks.com

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