Andy combines real-world experience with research-based best practices to engage audiences in strategies that they can use right now. Bring Andy to you in person or online to inspire your team to do their best and reach the best in every child!


Ready to pull your hair out over the latest discipline issue, but feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next? The trick is motivating kids to actually want to behave by increasing ownership, building meaningful relationships, and even embracing a bit of rebellion towards traditional practices. Our discipline approach may need to look a little different, because each child we serve is different. But every single one of them deserves a chance at success! 


It’s ok to want the best in your school, but it starts by looking in the mirror and finding the ways that you can improve first. There are reasons some schools thrive during challenging times while others fall apart. Truly engage those around you towards your common goals. Maximize input from stakeholders. Lead from within, both personally and organizationally, to empower the true potential of your entire school community. Oh, and don’t forget to have a ton of fun along the way!

In his presentations and workshops, Andy challenges participants to rethink their current practices and systems, and consider how they can better encourage growth in their staff or students. His approach is dynamic and shares insights into decisions and specific strategies that have worked, but also pitfalls and traps to avoid in the future. Contact Andy by email or use the contact form on this website if you would like any help in these areas for keynotes, webinars, breakout sessions, or workshops.

“Setting Students Up for Success”

Interview with Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools

* Capitalizing on feedback from stakeholders
* Adjusting planning by learning what’s happening now
* Rethinking and reframing priorities
* Staying true to who you are as a person and school
* Not disciplining kids for things they can’t control

“The Green Light”

Interview with Jeff Prickett and Adam DeWitt
The Principal Leadership Lab Podcast

* Empower people to take risks using trust and relationships
* Changing schools because of the interests of staff and parents
* Aligning your budget to your school core beliefs
* Defining ourselves by how we teach all of our kids

“How to Help a Student that is Always in the Principal’s Office”

Interview with Vicki Davis
10 Minute Teacher Podcast

* Reflections on own experiences
* Understanding the need for nonnegotiables
* Finding new solutions other than exclusionary discipline

“Questioning Your Assumptions”

Interview with the Planning Period Podcast

* How to lead change
* No suspension philosophy
* How one-size-fits-all discipline is negatively affecting our students
* How we still don’t know the goal of education, how we need to
* The importance of learning from the teachers around us now

“Educators are Put on this Planet to Save Lives”

Interview with John from the Character Strong Podcast

* Understanding key decision points
* Principals as change agents
* The need for being connected as a leader


- Reviews -

“Andy Jacks presented inspiring and timely information to the principals. Fantastic leader!”
Dave Wick, Superintendent & former NAESP President
“Andy Jacks is an inspiration! He hit hard at what is and should be the heart of education!”
Lisa Stafford, Instructional Technology Coach
“Build relationships! I met Andy Jacks at NAESP conference this summer and it’s amazing to host him as our keynote in Kansas! Thank you! I am inspired!” 
Stacey Green, K-7 Principal
 “Shout out to @DocPhysics who said he was trying something new after seeing Andy Jacks this year that has resulted in greater student learning!”
Amy Acors, Instructional Supervisor
“Mr. Jacks delivered a powerful keynote address to hundreds of student leaders and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive.  Students left the leadership conference feeling empowered and ready to do their part to bring forth change within their schools and communities.”
Heather Abney, High School Principal
“Andy’s message, insight, and energy motivated and inspired our audience members.  He was professional, relatable, and engaging; and shared practical and innovative ideas that school leaders and educators can implement in their own classrooms and schools.  Andy’s presentation resonated with and captivated the audience with conference participants referencing his message and comments throughout the conference.”
Andrew Buchheit, Elementary Principal, State Association President
“Loved the message of Andy Jacks. Great reminders of how to impact and create a great culture and build relationships with ALL kiddos!”
Sara Streeter, Principal
“What an incredible keynote with Andy Jacks at the VAASL Regional Conference! Welcome, Connect, Inspire! A perfection mission statement for our school libraries!”
Nathan Sekinger, Librarian
“Thank you Andy Jacks for your presentation about discipline at the virtual #CLASConv20. Love everything you are sharing!”
Jennifer Hogan, High School Assistant Principal
“Schools are defined by our most challenging student. Thanks for being so passionate and letting me tear up with you. Strong work!” 
Jenny Combs, Director at Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement
“Mr. Jacks constantly focuses on keeping informed of current trends and practices in the field of education and disseminates his knowledge via his extensive social media network to his fellow principals. He is direct and articulate, showing an innate tact that allows him to present in a charming, conversational, and engaging manner. With his extensive knowledge of the K-12 principal role, his deep roots in the application of instructional technology and his extensive network of contacts, he is an excellent choice as a speaker and presenter.”
Jim Baldwin, State Association Executive Director

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