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Andy’s new book is titled Discipline Win: Strategies to improve behavior, increase ownership, and give every student a chance

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Discipline Win - Reviews

“Discipline Win by Dr. Andy Jacks provides great strategies from a variety of evidence-based discipline practices. It also gets into the why of the strategies, making it easy for educators to get behind them. This book is a great read for anyone interested in best practices in discipline!” – Brad Weinstein, CEO of Teacher Goals, co-author Hacking School Discipline 

“Tons of books make claims about how to improve discipline in schools. Discipline Win, by my good friend Andy Jacks, is the best one I’ve ever read. All educators need to read this book. It’s going to help those that matter most—the kids!” – Adam Welcome, educator, author, international keynote speaker, podcaster, author/co-author of Kids Deserve It!, Teachers Deserve It, Run Like a Pirate, Empower Our Girls

“Are you seeking ways to flip the switch on the way things have always been done? Discipline Win is a game-changing resource for educators and school leaders who want to serve and support students so that everyone wins. Dr. Jacks’s practical advice is grounded in substantial research, and it shows how we can make intentional changes in our practices and tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Readers will walk away from this book feeling more supported, encouraged, and ready to lead the way.” – Jessica Cabeen, principal, speaker, author of Hacking Early Learning, Lead with Grace, Unconventional Leadership; and co-author of Balance Like A Pirate

“Discipline Win is a book that will inspire you and challenge you to look at behavior in a new light. It is filled with empowering stories of strength and courage that will help you support our kids, staff, and families. You will have trouble putting it down. A must-read for all who work and support our kids!” – Curtis Slater, Minnesota National Distinguished Principal of the Year, trainer of IMR with the University of Minnesota, State of Minnesota PBIS lead trainer, owner and co-founder of TILL360 Consulting

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