Ep19 – Don’t You Doubt Me!: Featuring Dr. Ryan Daniel

Episode Highlights

Sometimes we’re successful despite teachers, not because of them. In this episode, principal Dr. Ryan Daniel is sharing a unique story of a teacher doubting her ability, and then she has a chance to call her out later in life after becoming a principal. Teacher expectations are so important and either way, good or bad, we remember those expectations they place on us!

Topics include:

  • A personal story of overcoming others’ expectations
  • Ways to rethink how we talk to and about our students and their hopes and dreams

Where to Listen

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About Dr. Ryan Daniel

Dr. Ryan Daniel is the rock star elementary school principal of Fort Foote Elementary in Maryland. She is the President-Elect of MAESP. She is also a NAESP Fellow, leading the NAESP Center for Diversity in Leadership. 

Twitter: @HeyDrDaniel.

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