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Episode 27: Self-Discipline Starts with Intent: Featuring Brian T. Miller

Episode Highlights Instead of trying not to be “that” story, let’s be “the” story, and better yet let’s help others find “their” story, too! In this episode, school leader Brian Miller gives great insight into how we can reflect on

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Ep26 – Improve by Using Student Feedback (Star Wars / Star Trek Perspective): Featuring Kambar Khoshaba & Casey Roberts

Episode Highlights So often we talk about the best interests of our students without actually asking them what their best interests really are! Just like adults, kids also want their voices to be heard and used for making school improvements.

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Ep25 – The Impact of Neuroscience on Discipline

Episode Highlights Neuroscience, the study of how the brain works and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions, provides such an amazing opportunity to finally understand some new ways to help kids as they struggle with misconduct. A student’s surface

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Influence Behavior through Intentional Modeling using Social Learning

Our Response to Behavior Makes all the Difference When we treat kids like they are out to get us, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think most of the times kids don’t really know why they do what they do

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Ep24 – Social Learning, Modeling, & Influence

Episode Highlights Misconduct is going to happen whether we like it or not. Our response to those behaviors makes all the difference in the world. When we understand and embrace human nature in ourselves and our students, we realize the

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Ep23 – Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community: Featuring Alfie Kohn

Episode Highlights Every once in a while, it takes a radical approach to take down the most misguided educational traditions that we face in our work. In this podcast episode, we have some real talk about how schools and teachers

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Ep22 – What’s the Hurry? Checking your discipline speedometer

Episode Highlights A sense of urgency can be a good thing until it causes us to panic or make rash decisions. There is enormous pressure on teachers and administrators to solve discipline problems and immediately hand out consequences. Let’s talk

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Ep21 – Riding the School Resource Officer Roller Coaster: Featuring Adam Kelp

Episode Highlights When you think of a police officer in school, what comes to your mind? Scary situations and conflict? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Listen how one school resource officer completely flipped that expectation into one

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Ep19 – Don’t You Doubt Me!: Featuring Dr. Ryan Daniel

Episode Highlights Sometimes we’re successful despite teachers, not because of them. In this episode, principal Dr. Ryan Daniel is sharing a unique story of a teacher doubting her ability, and then she has a chance to call her out later

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Ep18 – Creative Class Check-ins: Featuring Julie White

Episode Highlights Asking kids how they feel at the beginning of class to learn of any issues that may be brewing or any emotional needs they may have is critical to better serving the whole child in learning. And that’s

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