Ep25 – The Impact of Neuroscience on Discipline

Episode Highlights

Neuroscience, the study of how the brain works and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions, provides such an amazing opportunity to finally understand some new ways to help kids as they struggle with misconduct. A student’s surface level behavior is really just communication to us on what may be happening behind the scenes with emotions and stress levels. Instead of reacting to these behaviors, we can instead respond in ways that meet the needs at their neuro-needs. In this episode, Jodi Place provides great insights and resources into what this means for educators with co-regulation and responsive teaching.

Topics Include: 

  • The neuroscience connection to school discipline and student well-being
  • Co-Regulation as a means to connect and help develop skills
  • Creating classrooms as safe spaces
  • The connection with school culture and teacher well-being
  • Virtual calming rooms, Emotional Regulation Plan, and other self-regulation strategies

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About Jodi Place

Jodi Place is the Program Administrator of Phoenix Alternative Education in Northern Virginia for grades 6-12. She has also served as high school English teacher and assistant principal. Jodie is certified in Applied Educational Neuroscience Certification from Butler University. She is active in researching and sharing instructional best practices through the lens of neuroscience and trauma-informed practices. This includes many presentations for organizations like ASCD, such as “Discipline for Learning Not Shaming.” Her publications include Supporting Emotional Regulation in the Classroom (Quick Reference Guide) by ASCD. 

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