Ep23 – Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community: Featuring Alfie Kohn

Episode Highlights

Every once in a while, it takes a radical approach to take down the most misguided educational traditions that we face in our work. In this podcast episode, we have some real talk about how schools and teachers could rethink the traditional consequence and critical practices they themselves grew up with into instead building a community that supports each other. 
Topics include: 
  • The failure myth 
  •  Analyzing task vs behavior 
  • Rethinking our goals in education and fighting the status quo
  • Using community of the whole to improve the individual 

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About Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn is a highly regarded and award-winning author and speaker on human behavior, education, and parenting. Two of his 14 books are essential to school discipline:  

Make sure to follow Alfie on Twitter where he regularly posts his ideas and challenges to the status quo. 

Website: www.alfiekohn.org
Twitter: @alfiekohn

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