Ep18 – Creative Class Check-ins: Featuring Julie White

Episode Highlights

Asking kids how they feel at the beginning of class to learn of any issues that may be brewing or any emotional needs they may have is critical to better serving the whole child in learning. And that’s what we really want, right? To focus on the child as a real person and not just a statistic. This episode is all about another great strategy to connect with and support students. Learn about how Physical Education Teacher extraordinaire Julie Whyte makes these really creative class check-ins to make sure that every child is ready for learning and gets the extra help they need! Anyone can get a #DisciplineWin like this, but they have to work for it like she does! 

Go above under Free Resources to get her check-ins with a free template that you can use right now!

Topics Include:

  • The need for checking in on our students
  • A variety of check-ins to use in class and how to create them

Where to Listen

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About Julie Whyte

Julie Whyte is a physical education teacher at Ashland Elementary School in Northern Virginia. She was also the Teacher of the Year in Leon County, Florida. She has been recognized in many ways for how she goes above and beyond to connect with and inspire her students. 

Twitter: @WhyteJM

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