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Ep23 – Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community: Featuring Alfie Kohn

Episode Highlights Every once in a while, it takes a radical approach to take down the most misguided educational traditions that we face in our work. In this podcast episode, we have some real talk about how schools and teachers

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Ep19 – Don’t You Doubt Me!: Featuring Dr. Ryan Daniel

Episode Highlights Sometimes we’re successful despite teachers, not because of them. In this episode, principal Dr. Ryan Daniel is sharing a unique story of a teacher doubting her ability, and then she has a chance to call her out later

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Ep18 – Creative Class Check-ins: Featuring Julie White

Episode Highlights Asking kids how they feel at the beginning of class to learn of any issues that may be brewing or any emotional needs they may have is critical to better serving the whole child in learning. And that’s

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Ep14 – Breaking Down Tasks to Build Up Skills: Featuring Curt Slater

Episode Highlights “I don’t even know what you are talking about!” In this episode, I brought in discipline guru Curt Slater and we discussed a variety of real situations and reflections.  Topics include:  Leadership by wandering around The importance of teaching

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Ep11 – Autism, Influences, & Work: Featuring Dr. Temple Grandin

Episode Highlights Dr. Temple Grandin is an autism guru and has such great insight into the needs of the autistic community. This episode has real talk about how to help students with disabilities be successful in life, not just school.  Topics

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Ep4 – Tough Choices: Featuring Kip Lynk

Episode Highlights Life is full of tough choices that tug at our time. How do you decide what is important and then schedule your day accordingly? I discussed this very thing with Kip about how we can use practical strategies

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