Episode 27: Self-Discipline Starts with Intent: Featuring Brian T. Miller

Episode Highlights

Instead of trying not to be “that” story, let’s be “the” story, and better yet let’s help others find “their” story, too! In this episode, school leader Brian Miller gives great insight into how we can reflect on our own level of being all in for our own lives and in our work with students. Discipline is really just about how we care about something so deeply that we dedicate our lives to it. Join in on our conversation!
Topics Include:
  • Reflection on adventures and “that” story
  • The motivational power of staff-led initiatives
  • Rocky IV references
  • Discipline is a matter of interest

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About Brian Miller

Brian T. Miller is the proud principal of Chief Joseph Elementary School in Great Falls, Montana. Brian is a secondary English Teacher by trade and has taught in many different types of areas ranging from rural Wyoming to urban China. Brian has been a principal at both the secondary and elementary levels.

Brian is a writer, presenter, and soon-to-be podcast host. He is always looking for new ways to collaborate and discover ideas and moments that can grow what he terms “this beautiful yet struggling profession.” Check out his website for amazing in-depth blog posts, such as “Be the Story: Be Someone to Someone Else,” and “Yearly Themes: The Do’s and Don’ts and Why They Matter.” Follow him on social media to see his motivational video series that provides daily words of wisdom through his reflections as a school leader and parent. 


Twitter: @miller_brian_
Instagram: @miller_brian_t
Facebook: Brian T. Miller

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