Ep21 – Riding the School Resource Officer Roller Coaster: Featuring Adam Kelp

Episode Highlights

When you think of a police officer in school, what comes to your mind? Scary situations and conflict? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Listen how one school resource officer completely flipped that expectation into one of engagement, fun, and hope. In this episode, Deputy Sheriff Adam Kelp shares his insight, tips, and words of wisdom on how school resource officers, and really anyone on in school, can build positive relationships with even the most struggling kids. That’s what #DisciplineWin is all about! 

Topics Include: 

  • Expectations of School Resource Officers
  • Showing love while dealing with misconduct to keep relationships
  • Giving hope to students living in despair
  • The ability of everyone on staff to help improve school culture

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About Adam Kelp

Deputy Sheriff Adam Kelp has been the School Resource Officer for Gull Lake Schools for over six years and has been with the sheriff’s office for over 20 years in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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