My #OneWord for 2016 is BELIEVE

My #OneWord for 2016 is believe. Although I am cheating a little bit, since believe is a word that we have been discussing as a school team all year! I’m definitely still focused on it for 2016!

Believe in YourselfIf you want to make a difference in others, you must first have confidence in your own abilities. Know you can do it. Leadership is influence and anyone can be a leader at any time, but you must first believe you can make a positive difference in others. Believe in yourself by being you, but really be you. Be the best you that you can be. It’s so important that it’s written on our staff shirts and painted on the school walls this year. It’s even in our new cheer which starts, “B.E. Y.O.U. Believe in yourself and be the best you!”


Believe in OthersEveryone says they are all in for their students, but what about their teachers and staff? I refuse to give up on any student orPosted @ QUOTEZ.CO any staff member. I think of ‘relentless optimism’ in that we are going to push and challenge each other, making sure we grow in our skills. But, I will do everything I can to stay positive and believe that they can grow and improve. Believe in others even if they don’t believe in themselves yet. They will.

Believe the ‘Impossible’Believe the impossible because the impossible does happen. It happens every day and when it does everyone is shocked and amazed. Instead of being amazed at others, be the one to show how impossible_are_you_being_fooled_by_optimism_071913it’s done. When we believe that the impossible can happen, we are really stretching ourselves to the limits. Especially with out students, there is no ‘impossible.’ We must believe that every single one of them can do miraculous things each year.

Believe Even When You Can’t See The Other SideIt’s easy to believe when you know what is on the other side. You can’t always know bridge-to-nowhereeverything that is going to happen and what obstacles may lie ahead. I’m going going to be confident that we will cross the bridge, dealing with each wooden board, the strong and the rickety ones, one step at a time. We will get there together if we keep moving forward.

Keep Listening for the BellIn Polar Express, hearing the bell meant that download (1)you still believe in Christmas, but at Ashland, we are taking it a step farther. When we hear the bell, it means we still believe in magic and that we can create this magic for each and every one of our students.


What’s your #OneWord for 2016? Will you take up this challenge, post your #OneWord, and/or write an article about it?

Consider using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or even emailing it out to your colleagues. You never know how the spread of positive thoughts will impact others!

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  1. […] In 2016 I chose and wrote about BELIEVE with the reminder to believe in yourself, your team, and your students, even when…especially when, things get tough. Believe with your heart and stop thinking so logically, coming up with excuses. […]

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