My #OneWord2017 is FOCUS

My #OneWord2017 is focus!

If you know me at all, you wouldn’t be surprised that this is my one word for the year. You may be muttering under your breath, “…it’s about time…”  or “…that should have been your one word last year…”

As I’m typing this, I have eight tabs open in my web browser and had to stop midway through this to start another post because I was getting off topic. It’s not that I’m exactly unfocused, but it’s that I want to do it all, and I try to do it all at the same time.


What I’m learning the hard way is that NO ONE does it all. Even those really famous and successful people out there are highly focused and almost single-minded individuals. We typically know them for only one or two main things that they have done.


I’m going to try harder at saying no, not just to others, but also to myself when I see new and interesting ideas.

We have awesome programs and successes already on track. I’m going to follow through more with supporting these instead of always starting up new initiatives.


I’m going to do a better job of reminding myself of my priorities.

I’m going to be more in the moment more with those around me.

And to my school team reading this, yes you can hold me to it!