“I Believe” Staff Video

When inspiration, reflection, and engagement comes together with your staff, this is an example of what you can accomplish. At our 1st staff meeting in January, we asked teachers to write what they believed for their students and then show it on video. The twist is that we played the video back in reverse! This was quick to make and didn’t take much time in the staff meeting, but the visuals are powerful.

Shout out to Mr. Benware, Instructional Technology Coach for the editing! He was the 3rd one in the video. He’s tough to actually catch on camera since he is behind the scenes making so many of our videos!

Video Tip: Make sure to explain how the reverse editing works so the teachers can come up with fun ways to rip, crush, or throw their papers.

Video Tip: Next time we will make sure the paper color, the writing, and the size of the writing are more clear so the viewer can read them better.