Twitter Teacher Tips

I’m often asked by teachers and schools how to get started using Twitter. Our school team has been fortunate enough to help many other schools begin their social media journeys by providing social media workshops. At these workshops, we typically provide a tip sheet to give teachers to take away with them as reminders or extra ideas. Read more in this post for the latest version of that handout to see if that is something that could benefit you or your school.

Twitter has become a powerful tool for schools, educators, and school leaders. Twitter and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide a venue for the school to tell it’s own story, be transparent with instruction, and celebrate it’s students and teachers. If you’re not using Twitter and you are a teacher, you are missing out! With Twitter, I have formed amazing friendships, connected directly with authors, and continue to be inspired every day. Using social media has reminded me to recognize the amazing work in my school and to remember to appreciate those around me. The more I looked, the more I found greatness in others that was there all along. As educators and school leaders, sometimes we need this push to get us out of the grind that can bog us down in the daily work. We need tools and strategies to do this or else it the job can consume you. Consider starting social media or using it more often if you need this spark in your educational journey.

Below is the Twitter Teacher Tips sheet that I created. Feel free to take and use. Let me know if you think I should add anything else to this.

Click here for the PDF version of these Twitter Teacher TipsTTT