Fighting Information & Task Overload

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The Struggle is Real

A year from now, would you have wished that you started today?

Maybe you are worried about starting, because you feel like you should have been doing it already – so why start now? But just because we didn’t do something before, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it now.

Many of us, our colleagues, or our students struggle with staying focused and starting things even when we know we should be doing them. For kids with ADHD, it’s especially challenging. They have a significant challenge in starting tasks, staying focused on it through completion, and in general with their short-term working memory.

Appearances can be deceiving. Just because someone isn’t doing something and almost looks like they are being noncompliant or lazy. There is more going on behind the scenes with their unconscious emotions and decision-making. The task, as simple as it may seem to us, may be very overwhelming or very unimportant to them.

Tips to Focus

Help your students and yourself if you are caught in this situation:

Start Small & Simple
Do one thing and do it repeatedly until it becomes routine. It will help to reduce confusion or any misunderstandings.

Make it Meaningful
The more that we feel that the work will have an impact on ourselves or others and that it really matters, the more we will be motivated to do it.

Don’t Overthink Improvement
Doing something repeatedly will lead to natural and organic improvements over time, almost without even trying. If we force change too hard or too fast, it may lead to shutting down.

Maybe in the future, you may look more inward into why you may or may not be getting something done instead of beating yourself up. Start small and just focus on one little thing. Appreciate how insightful you are in the challenges that you are facing!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Why do adults and children with ADHD or ADD have strong motivation and executive function for some tasks and never find the cognitive spark to do others? Dr. Thomas Brown

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