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What do you think? One more game or we done for the night? Can we see the ball? Yea? Then let’s get one more game in! Sometimes the best inspiration comes when you aren’t even thinking about it, and in this case I was 2 hours into a night of pick up basketball in the neighborhood. I couldn’t help thinking about writing this out and what this thought meant for life and working with my students and staff.

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Are you listening to your students when they have ideas for improvements or helping others? Do you turn these into opportunities for developing their leadership skills? What has really caught my attention over time is seeing individual students that have shown leadership WITHOUT adults giving them the ideas.

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I went into this position as a school leader thinking so much about what tasks have to get done and the programmatic changes that would need to be made. But as I reflect and gain experience (of course the best teacher) I realize that in most ways I had it all wrong. People’s feelings matter. 

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