Why Walk for A Cause? A post about why it really matters.

Why spend a Saturday or Sunday morning to literally walk or run around in circles?

When I was younger, before kids, before other life experiences, I really struggled to understand what the purpose was for walks and runs for the many causes that came up throughout the year.

But as life kicked in, I realized how important it is to support others and to pull in the support for yourself and your family when you need it. “Community” comes to mind and what that word should really mean.

Yesterday, we attended the 11th Annual Walk for Autism Virginia with our friends, family, and school teammates (which are like extended family). I have been attending this event for about ten years to support my students and families with Autism. In recent years, it has become more personal, as we have formed a team for my son, who we have found to have the special powers of Autism.

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Again…why walk?

Walk because it’s healthy. Like milk, walking does a body good! Exercise is a good thing.

Walk to support others. The cause may not be a big deal for you, but for them it could be everything. They will remember and appreciate that you came. They need it more than you realize.

Walk to lead. Leaders lead. You can’t lead from home, you need to put yourselves out there and get in the game. Set the example for others to do the same.

Walk because by helping others, you are helping yourself. Humans are built to serve, to help, and to work. When we focus on helping others, it creates positive feelings in ourselves as well. If you are down in the dumps, walk, you will instantly feel better.

Walk to connect. Walking is a great time to chat about life. Ask about their struggles. We are all so busy and move from one thing to the other, but this is a good opportunity to catch up.

Finally, walk to celebrate. Walking and running for a cause is a morning march, not a mourning march. It is a celebration. Specifically for our family yesterday, it was a celebration for our son and his many gifts. We are not mourning our “loss” at having a “typical” situation. We are reminding ourselves that every child is a blessing and that our son is a superhero to us!


I challenge you to find a cause that will support your family or those around you in the next year. Sign up to walk or run for them. Go find out why you walk. Don’t let excuses get in the way. Actions speak louder than words!

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2 comments on “Why Walk for A Cause? A post about why it really matters.
  1. Amanda Grant says:

    I just read this beautifully written and to the point article. It inspired me to jump back(or walk back) into a few things that are important to me. Bravo Andy Jacks… Keep writing… You have a lot to say and you have become a talented writer.
    Amanda Grant
    First Grade Teacher

  2. Linda Chamberlain says:

    Boy, am I proud to have worked under you! You’re amazing! Your heart is so beautiful! Great job, Andy!!!

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