Sphero Ideas for Teachers

Finally! Robotics & Coding finally are far enough along to create amazing engineering lessons for students! This post is just a mish-mosh of visuals and ideas to help you think about using our Spheros with your students. These will create special moments for your students as well as give you a tool to pull students into content and develop skills without them even realizing they are doing so!

Obstacles Courses

Create them in advance or have students create obstacle courses. Students can manually control the sphero to go through the course or program them using code. Consider giving students criteria like they have to make a bridge or they have to make it a certain length of measurement, etc.


Chariot & Competition Ideas

Use spheros to control student-created vehicles. The vehicles can be designed to carry items or ‘attack’ other vehicles. Give a defined space for the battle zone or use a track to have them race.

Content Connections

Use spheros to be the entry point or attention grabber for content or skills.

#bb8 traveling through the desert region of CA! #4thgrade #sphero #coding @HMHuskies @gobhusd pic.twitter.com/lMFHEPPequ

Use mats or place markers to have the spheros go them for answers. Write answers on the plates or the mats (numbers, letters, words, etc.).

Art Ideas

Spheros are waterproof and thus paintproof! Use paint to create amazing visuals!


Click here to download official PDF lessons from SPRK Lightning Lab! 

  • MacroLabs on Time/Speed/Distance, Geometry, Mean/Median/Mode, Percentages, Patterns/Colors
  • STEM activities of Chariot Challenge, Bridge Building, Hydro Hypothesis, and Maze Mayhem

@SpheroEDU on Twitter to see more ideas

Sphero Education Sitehttp://www.sphero.com/education

Sphero Lightning Lab: Click here for the Lightning Lab You have to set up a free account but you can add students or others for ‘classes.’ There are a ton of activities with tutorials already available here. See picture below.

Lightning Lab.PNG

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  1. Hi there! Just wondering, for your 3rd video (9 sec-video by TroyMetcalf), was Sphero in drive mode or it was already programmed? Thanks!

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