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Kindergarten Readiness Top Tips Video

As Hannibal in the A-Team used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!” This year our kindergarten team decided to create a new program to help communicate to parents what helps students be successful in school. As

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Traveling Tips #dadsasprincipals

This year we took the plunge and the whole family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is true both literally and figuratively since we all got wet flying down Splash Mountain! The trip was both fantastic and exhausting, and

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Let Student Lead! Making a Case for Student-Led Conferences

Purpose of Student-Led Conferences It is critical that students know how they are performing and what they need to do to improve on their skills to be fully invested every day to achieve their learning goals. Student-led conferences are one way to support

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Some Gifts Are Not So Obvious

Virginia Tech security just taught me a life lesson this week, but probably not the one you would expect!

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Conner’s Leadership & Conner’s Law

What an opportunity I had today! As a father and as an educator, I was so inspired today by my new hero Conner Cummings! If you don’t know Conner, you soon will. Conner is an up-and-coming 23 year old young man who

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Open Your Eyes To See Your Students Leading

Are you listening to your students when they have ideas for improvements or helping others? Do you turn these into opportunities for developing their leadership skills? What has really caught my attention over time is seeing individual students that have

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Autism Resources by Sesame Street

I played this music video as I started writing and my kids swarmed me, halfway sitting on me, arms around my head! They were totally drawn to the sounds of Elmo, Abby, and Grover celebrating Autism!

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Inclusive School Week is Every Week

This week is Inclusive Schools Week and we celebrate what it means to be inclusive through activities, readings, and discussions with our students. But why do we only talk about inclusive practices during this week? Inclusive Schools Week should be EVERY

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Why Walk for A Cause? A post about why it really matters.

Why spend a Saturday or Sunday morning to literally walk or run around in circles? When I was younger, before kids, before other life experiences, I really struggled to understand what the purpose was for walks and runs for the many

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Value All Students: 7 Tips for Challenging Kids

Value each and every child in your classroom and school. Really. All of them. Not just the cute ones… Not just the funny ones… Not just the well-behaved ones… Not just the ones with supportive parents… All of them.

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